vendredi, septembre 14, 2007


Meet Ego, the greatest thing humankind ever had. Its job is simple. To make us hunger. For money. For food. For love. For lust. For more.

Ego moves us forward. It makes us urge for something. Was it our parents who made us learn to walk? No. It was our own motivation. The feeling of wanting to walk. The feeling of assurance and pride, that we could walk and not just crawl. Before you know anything, Ego has already made his home in you.

Ego defines who we are. What we like, what we do, what we feel, are all based on Ego's will. If we don't want to do something, it was because Ego rejected us to do so. If we do something, it was because Ego allows us to do so. He is a puppeteer, and we are merely his dolls.

Ego is eternal. You can't deny him, as he's everywhere in the world. You can't get rid of him, because doing so is also based on Ego's will. You can't try to free your mind from Ego, for it would make you not anymore a living being.

But all in all, Ego is different in each one of us.
What is your greatest Ego?

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^_^ a dit…

berat... tapi menarik untuk dipikir...
minta ijin untuk mengeprint posting yang ini boleh ngga?

Moonblade a dit…

boleh, silakan =)