dimanche, septembre 28, 2008

Two Lions

Lions are a proud race. They live for their own selfish selves, to fulfill the thirst for pride and joy of self-dignity. Most of the things they do are based on searching for the satisfaction of themselves. There is no Good and Evil for them, there's just how they look in front of everyone else.

In a Savannah full of wilderness and ferocity, there lived two lions. One was renowned for his ability to withstand, and the other for his incredible prowess. The two were close friends, almost family. Though they lived apart in different sides of the Savannah, sometimes they meet to talk and play together.

Soon is the annual day of forgiveness in the Savannah. The massive inhabitants cluster together, greet each other, and ask for forgiveness to others. It was a way to keep intact the bonds of each inhabitants of the Savannah.

Today, the two lions met.

"I can't go tomorrow."


"It's the day where I have to lie to everyone that I apologize."

"Oh, that day."

"Though I don't even think I have wronged them anything."

"Different stuff for me."

"You're not celebrating?"

"I do. It's just that I'd rather say 'I forgive you' and leave them be."

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