vendredi, octobre 10, 2008

Tagged (Again)

Lagi-lagi kena tag sama neng Ipeh.. Oh well, here goes..

50 Random Truths


1. is 18, but few believes that.
2. actually likes being called an adult.
3. loves himself more than most things in this world.
4. has very dull senses.
5. knows well how to make himself look smart.
6. is obsessed about his dearest love.
7. is hopeless without her.
8. sometimes wonder what will happen if he lays down and die.
9. wants to change the world.
10. aims to be a scientist.
11. hopes that one day he'd be able to get himself twin children.
12. is a QUEEN fan.
13. is recently contaminated by Aerosmith.
14. is addicted to Dungeons & Dragons Role Playing Game.
15. likes most animals.
16. dislikes most insects.
17. wants an Alligator Snapping Turtle as a pet.
18. loves white, red, and gold.
19. dreams to be a knight someday.
20. dreams to be buried in Westminster Abbey.
21. likes English culture.
22. loves to eat anything edible.
23. is a board-gamer.
24. likes to play tabletop games.
25. does not have any talent for painting models, but likes doing it anyway.
26. is an extremely bad singer.
27. wonders, has he mentioned that he loves his girlfriend?
28. weighs around 85 kilograms.
29. has an Oedipus Complex.
30. feels like crap when he's unneeded.
31. always wants to be the center of attention.
32. is born on August 22nd, 1990, and is a Leo.
33. is a student at Institut Teknologi Bandung, School of Life Sciences and Technology.
34. only has three persons he consider best friends.
35. has a Dutch heritage, but people seem to see him as a Chinese.
36. does not smoke, hates to inhale smoke, and kills anyone who smokes in his bedroom.
37. prefers Classic Rock, New Age Music, and Modern Classic.
38. is a curious cat.
39. surrenders to nothing.
40. is an able-bodied fighter.
41. is learning archery.
42. has learned the basics of Judo and Merpati Putih.
43. can crack stone half in one hit.
44. carries a Swiss Army Knife around.
45. is allergic to metal touching.
46. hates Frestea for making him sick a week long.
47. has many dirty little secrets.
48. is sometimes an impulsive person, a risky man, a daredevil, when it comes to making his lover smile.
49. is a data bank for Celestine Empire.
50. wants to say more than these 49.

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