mardi, août 26, 2008

In Harmonia Progressio

Yeah, the second post without an English title. Cool, huh?

I found the phrase on my friend's pin that he put on his bag. At first I thought it was a religious one, but just today when I put the words on Google I understood that it was one motto from my campus.

Literally it means "Progress with Harmony". Simplistic but catchy, in my opinion.

It was found through research that most graduates from ITB understand thoroughly what field of science they were taught at. Though so, many of them could not implement the intelligence in the real world. This was caused by the understatement of other fields of science. Without harmony with the other fields of science, one field cannot excel. As the world is one, and nature was born by one God, thus science should be one.

Does this theory work in social life?

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Anonyme a dit…

astaga... gw udah mikirnya sampe ke lagunya The Panasdalam hahahahah

Moonblade a dit…

weleh, apa pula itu The Panasdalam?

Anonyme a dit…

hmmm i'll let you hear their songs later...
koq komen gw yg ga penting2 mulu ya hahahahha