samedi, mars 29, 2008

The Poetic Side of Me

It's been months since I last write poetries. I recall my most productive days were those when every day was filled with unending emotional disasters. You know, those kind of things that happen when you've just succumbed to the sweetest taste of fresh love. Anyway, those were the days.

I don't remember when, but slowly I stopped writing poems. And I don't know why either. Maybe it was because I've sold all my romance to one woman, maybe it was because I've run out of words, I don't know.

But ever since, the poems turned around to be proses. Like the entry I wrote before this one, for example. I didn't think much about writing that, but after reading it again, I felt like an idiot. Hey, who would've written long, redundant sentences to speak about something so simple like that?

Well anyway, it's good to know where my ideas went. And for you guys who don't like long redundant sentences, I apologize. I'll be doing that much more in the future.

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natsu a dit…

I think it's time for a death wail