mardi, juillet 15, 2008

L'art de Vivre la Difference

Hope I wrote that right.

I was inspired by a jewelry store advertising in a mall yesterday. It has those words on it, translated into English, "The Art of Living a Difference". Or maybe not exactly that, you know, since French can't really be translated into anything. But more or less it's about living a different life.

It got me thinking about the difference we all have. Every single one of us differs from one another. Not only that we are separated by genes, we also have different mindsets. Despite all of that, you who read this are probably my friends, or those who know me. Despite all the differences, we can accept each other, and live together in this world.

So, how important is being different?

Being different is actually the most prestigious thing a human can have. It is the ultimate pride to be someone that is on top -- different from the others under you. Difference form the true you, a personality that is only one in this world, that separates you from everyone else. Without a difference, we have no identity. Only a single diminutive piece in this world. And then we will wonder, why are we here?

All in all, difference is one of the most basic needs of Humans. To survive in this world, we have to accept some things that are different from us, learn from it, and continue on living.

Maybe that's the part where Lord Hitler failed to understand.

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