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1. Choose up to five of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

I chose:
1. Ego, the Beast of Me.
2. Gild (read: Guilt), the Heart of Me.
3. Cipto, the Mind of Me.
4. Azshara Rivendare, my DnD Character.

What's your opinion on reading and writing?

Ego: Booooring..
Cipto: Oh come on, you can get so much just by reading.
Gild: And you can pour emotions by writing.
Azshara: Just like how I read and write love letters for my wife =D
Ego: You guys are lame, you know? Action's all life's for!
Me: *gives Natsu's photo album to Ego*
Ego: Oh alright, I like reading. *strays off somewhere alone*

What's your opinion on maths, sciences, and language(s)?

Cipto: If we come to a conclusion with not even a drip of doubt, it has to be based on Mathematics.
Ego: Geek..
Gild: Different languages show the many different cultures of people, it's amazing.
Ego: Yeah right, Ms. know-it-all..
Azshara: Love is a science never to be touched by human minds.
Ego: Tsk, what a Playboy line..
Me: How about you, Ego?
Ego: Huh? *still drooling over the pics*

What is the best way to learn something?

Gild: Do, and if you fail, never make the same failure twice.
Cipto: Watch others do it, learn, and don't even make a single failure.
Azshara: To learn something, we must first have the curiosity to want, the courage to try, and the patience to stand from failure.
Me: I assure you, he meant that, literally.

To what degree do you avoid risks and danger?

Azshara: As long as it protects my dearest love.
Ego: AVOID risks? Are you kidding me? Those things give me adrenaline, you know!
Cipto: Risks are always there, it's just how we make the least of it.
Gild: No, I don't wanna get hurt! No! Don't make me cry! NOOOOOO!!

Under what circumstances would you risk your life for someone else?

Azshara: I'll do anything for the safety of my Lady.
Cipto: Maybe.. I should consider it a little longer.
Gild: Listen to your heart, and you'll know.
Ego: I can't explain it, but it comes when your heart beats fast, your adrenaline pushing, your mind all filled with the will to fight, and testosterone just went to the top.
Me: Hey, you can say nice things too.
Ego: OF COURSE! I'm the best man here, you see. *grabs the album back*
Me: Yeah.. right.

Under what circumstances do you think killing someone justified, in general?

Gild: No killing! No blood! Peace for the world!
Azshara: Yeap. In a battle, a gentleman will walk but never run.
Cipto: If you can, trick someone else to do the dirty job.
Ego: Those who defy my will shall pay.
Me: Ego, you're creepy.
Ego: Shut up! If it wasn't for me, you'll be dead by now.
Me: And how is it so?
Ego: Well, I'm the one who stabs your friends to get what you want.

What is the worst feeling you experienced?

Azshara: It is when I found that all this time I have been fooled.
Cipto: When I cannot find an answer to something.
Ego: When I can't beat the sh*t out of my enemies! Damn, I have to be stronger!
Gild: ... When Natsu is crying. It's.. it's got to be my fault!
Me: *gives a tissue box to Gild*
Gild: Thanks.. *sob sob* Huwaaaaa!

And what is the best feeling?

Cipto: Have you ever felt the surge of mind? When you realized that the answer to the riddles was just a..
Me: Next!
Gild: Being loved by the one.. Oh, the heartbeat.. the warm and fuzzy feeling..
Azshara: I second that, Gild.. And the one for me is my beloved wife..
Ego: God, you all act like babies! All men have one desire, and that is to WIN!

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